healthcare professional office space

The Transformation Studio is at Colonial Lakes Office Park located on the border of Sugar Land and Missouri City off of Hwy 6. Our office condo is 774 square feet. As we plan on moving into Phase 1 of our property in our 1st bungalow/office and flex space, our condo is now for sale. Interested parties can email at or call 281 240 7102. The condo includes two suites generally sized at 168 sq feet (12 ft x 14 ft) and 178 sq feet (11 ft x 16 ft) appointed with upgraded ceiling fans, wood laminate flooring, granite countered kitchenette and a large bathroom.


Upcoming Spaces Available

In the late summer/early fall 2021 when our our Phase 2  of our new location is built out, we will have 3 suites available in our 2nd bungalow which will be available for rental. The spaces will be geared towards professionals in health and wellness. The space will have 24/7 access via keyless locks, video surveillance and access to additional amenities. 

Month to month leases, 6 & 9 month leases   

$700  private room rental month to month                           / $500 per month for 6 or 9 month lease

$350  shared part time room rental (up to 20 hrs a week)   / $250  per month for 6 or 9 month lease 

$50   daily rental

Virtual Office

Ideal for those healthcare professionals who primarily work from home, traveling work, and remote

sessions and may need to occasionally use meeting space or room on occasion

$100 virtual office (only use of business address/receive business mail)

included in rental rate:

- kitchenette 

- designer bathroom

- electricity/utilities/bathroom-kitchen amenities supplies 

- high speed internet 

- shared landscaped courtyard and outdoor areas 

- credit hours to use event/conference space 

Office Condo For Sale


Waiting room: green & accent blue/white wall, beige wall

Room 1: (at left) beige walls, 

Room 2: (at right) pale blue walls