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, 42, and a widow of Mr. Southworth's last words were, "Never mind, son, you'll have the books."=18. The doctor had had a daughter, in 1724, two years old; but she was not with the family when the Doctor died.=19. The young lady she married was too young at the time, but she behaved very handsomely, and promised that, when she grew up, she would do as she liked, and go where she chose.=20. He was _not_ a gardener, but a farmer.=21. Scrubbing Sally was a good housemaid.=22. A sea of tears was shed over the Doctor's departed remains; when they were, at length, consigned to their last home, tears fell upon the face of the maiden as she said her last farewell, and then she too set out, one by one, on her long, long journey to come and settle on the wide, wide ocean, and to be a helpmate to her lord and master. In the course of her long, long sea voyage she and her lord encountered a fearful storm, and she was washed up on some unknown shore.=23. The young lady did not like her new companion, yet her father recommended her to make him welcome.=24. After an absence of three days, they all returned together, and the 08929e5ed8

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