Transformation Program

Have you been trying to make a transformation in your wellness, health, weight, skin and/or self esteem? Is your wedding, college/family reunion, job interview or any special event around the corner? Well its time for some true transformation the natural way! Enroll in our Bootcamp and see the instant impact on your health, weight, skin, energy level & your overall well being within a few weeks!
Finally a program that works! No pills. No gimmicks. No starvation. No weird tasting shakes or pre-packed food. No hunger. Our team personally works with you to inspire you to reach your goals!




BASIC PLAN : $60 a month


**you may reach your goal in 3 months or 8, it depends on how much of a transformation you desire and therefore we have no contracts for set terms



- 1. FAST WEIGHT LOSS THE HEALTHY WAY WITH OUR SUPERVISION: preliminary and weekly consultation with certified wellness nutritional consultant & life coach-counselor, organic nutritional program which will never leave you starving and hungry using delicious, wholesome and fresh fruits and vegetables and light meals that you will prepare with simple to follow recipes ** we guarantee  lose 10 lbs within the first month if you follow it 100%**

- 2. AROMATHERAPY:  on the first month, receive a  consultation & one month of treatment treatment 


- 3. Weekly 30 minute check In: we will ask you to journal your eating and lifestyle, weighing in on  each visit and consult with our wellness consultant and life coach-counselor