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Naturopathic/Alternative Healing & Nutrition

Mr. Ali, Certified Nutritional Wellness Consultant, M.S. 














Mr. Ali decided to take his health into his own hands after he became tired of the traditional medical approach - where only symptoms are treated with medicines while the disease itself gets worse. For two years he studied naturopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, herbalism and  yogic healing. He became certified as a wellness consultant after enrolling in an organic wellness and nutrition program.  Next he applied what he learned, and healed himself of diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and heart problems, freeing himself from all his prescribed medications. He felt empowered by taking charge of his health, and is happy to make health transformations for his clients as well. Within just a few weeks, his clients have noticed a drastic change in their energy, sleep quality, weight, physical symptoms and overall health. Word has spread about his services and he receives consultation requests nationally and internationally. Telesessions are now available for out of town clients.


Though Mr. Ali has worked with a broad variety of ailments, he has specialized nutrition based treatments for several issues including:









Gastrointestinal problems

Heart Problems

High Blood Pressure

Weight Loss

Transformation Program 

- read more about our weight loss, detox & skin program by clicking on the title!


$50 -  minute initial individual consultation, Mr. Ali will assess your health and create a lifestyle plan for your nutrition and general wellness needs. Payment can be made with cash, credit card or Venmo (payment sent to



1. How long is a session? 

Traditionally sessions are 60-80 minutes long. No insurance is accepted as Mr Ali is holistic services are not covered and because he is not a dietitian nor a physician

2. How does this work, what should I expect in a session?

Prior to your first session you would need to either email or call Mr. Ali to let him know what your mental or health concerns are so he is able to work on his treatment recommendation, protocal & your plantscription

Mr. Ali will explain to you exactly the cause of your issues and how to heal them with a combination of a variety of holistic approaches. The session is 60-80 minutes in duration. He will give you a protocal to follow to address the issue. You will need to follow this protocol to your best ability to get the results desired. 

3. Is this covered under my insurance?

At the current time nutritional medicine consultations are not covered under insurance. 

4. How often do I go for sessions?

Generally clients have their initial session and can come back to assess the progress for a  follow up session about 1 or 2 months later. The follow up is $25 

5. I don't live close by, how can I receive counseling from you?

We offer sessions via phone and webcam (using hippa privacy approved site) to those who are unable to physically come to the office

6. I'm skeptical of holistic and alternative healing. Is it all quack science? 

The approaches used are based on research and empirically validated studies as well as century old natural healing traditions.  Leading experts and the latest research in nutrition and health guides Mr Ali in his treatment. He does not stick to one modality and is constantly updating his knowledge in multiple disciplines. There are no side effects to natural healing treatments, unlike the effects of prescription drugs. Our body has a strong inclination to repair itself and we need to give it the fuel to do so. Prescription drugs do not go to the source of the issue, they resolve the symptoms. Popping a pill is not the solution, instead we believe that a holistic approach that focuses on the mind, body, diet and lifestyle can prevent and cure most ailments. This is not a medical treatment nor are there any claims made as such.



Mr. Ali takes appointments on weekday evenings from 6:30pm and weekends and for your ultimate convenience and currently is only available for a telehealth session.


We require a 24 hour notice for appointment rescheduling otherwise you will be charged for a full session. If a client arrives to their appointment late it will shorten their appointment time. 


Have a question for Mr. Ali?
                     281 773 4767


Book your first session online:                           , Sadiq will reach out to you to confirm this session. Then click on the icon to the left fill out paperwork

 ...a plantscription

instead of a prescription!


From June, Mr.Ali will only be offering telehealth sessions due to an arthritis injury

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