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Group Counseling 

We are adding group therapy and support groups into our services. Our groups foster healing, a deeper understanding of oneself and others, and the powerful feeling of being connected to others going through similar experiences. Together we can achieve greater goals. Our sessions are open and ongoing, so you may join in at any time. Based on requests, we can create focused groups  at our office or on location for EAP programs, organizations, schools and corporations. We'd like to truly expand this initiative. Most therapists have gone virtual since Covid but truly we need more community, connection and in person talks. Please help spread the word about our initiative. 


Group rate:

The session is $30 per person, a minimum of 2 registered for group to be held*


After your initial first session registration through the website, going forward RSVP by an email or text 24 hours and payment via Venmo in advance of session. A minimum of at least two is required to hold sessions.



Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana Military, United Behavioral Health/United Health Care/Optum, Value Options & Superior. If you would like to use your insurance please reach out via email

so we can check your benefits prior to first session.

Teen Group


psycho-social and psychotherapy groups which are held weekly. These groups  address depression, anxiety,  social anxiety, bullying, stress management, coping skills, communication, organizational skills along with many other topics. The environment also fosters a sense of belonging,  self worth and self esteem. Each group member shares their experience and their individual concerns are also worked on through group counseling. A cognitive behavioral approach is utilized. We also incorporate creativity, art and social skills improvement through talk therapy and activities. Our groups usually  range from 3 to 8 members.

Girls Group Therapy 

 Wednesdays 6pm-7pm 

** we have small groups and sessions 

** group is co-ed for teens 14-19

- facilitated by Sarah Ali, LPC

Fall 2023: new sessions restart October 4th *minimum 2 enrolled per group session,

Teen Boys Group Therapy

Wednesdays 5pm-6pm

** we have small groups and sessions 

** group is co-ed for teens 14-19

- facilitated by Sarah Ali, LPC

Fall 2023: new sessions restart October 4th *minimum 2 enrolled to  begin group*

                               Singles  Group


community based sessions which are held weekly. This group is focused on dealing with the single life,  dating,  dating apps,  gender communication,  coping with disappointments,  strategies to deepen romantic love. This group will provide an opportunity for self growth, improvement in interpersonal skills, be a resource for venting (and great stories of crazy and comedic dates too) and a place to bond and connect with others dealing with the same. A cognitive behavioral approach  is utilized. Group members take part in activities, and bonding projects. 

The Single Life - self growth, share, socialize - 

Sundays  2-3pm 

- facilitated by Sarah Ali, LPC


how to sign up:

Step 1: Book Group Session 

Step 2: Fill out Forms:

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