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New clients:

Yes we are taking new clients. We offer in person & teletherapy sessions. Aptmts are avail 7 days & including some weekday evenings.  

1. click blue button at top to fill out forms/schedule a session in the portal

2. attach photos of your state ID & insurance card front/back so your benefits can be checked through portal messaging function

3. Please note on the booking if you prefer

in person or online, if online follow this link at aptmt time

online, (use chrome as your browser for best results):


COVID PRECAUTIONS: To protect clients who wish to have in person sessions, our office has a medical grade HEPA air purification filter and ozone generator which kills 99% of bacteria and virus in the air, frequent touch areas are sanitized. The distance between therapist and client seating is also 6 feet apart. The new location will also have outdoor therapy space available.


Big News! We've begun our moving process. Though, due to contractor delays we keep having to push back the  completion date. We've moved all of our furniture there assuming things would be completed 

so pardon our sparse look in our current space that we are still working out of. Our new location is a rustic revamped 1930s cottage featuring indoor and outdoor areas for therapy  & weekend therapy retreats with 

overnight stays at the property. We are working nonstop there so please pardon if there is a delay in responding to VM but we do check emails and texts 

regularly. Apologies in advance!

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