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There is nothing quite like the excruciating pain of a break up. It in fact causes physical pain in the heart and is a devastation that few are prepared for. Some can barely function after the shock of an unexpected ending and feel like a bullet train crashed into them. We would like to help heal that pain with a weekend retreat focused on processing the experience, accepting, grieving,  learning about the psychology of what happened, re-establishing one's identity and beginning the healing process. 

2 Day Weekend Retreat

art therapy & craft

meditation & healing work

intensive individual therapy sessions

group therapy

psychology of breakup 

learning techniques of healing

breakfast I& lunch included


$500 including  overnight stay (up to 3 may stay in TTS short term vacation rental portion in two bedrooms and living room w/sofa bed)

$350  without overnight stay

Next Retreat Date:

Jan 22nd & 23rd, 2022


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