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Pre-Marital & Marriage/Couples  Counseling

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Falling in love is easy. Staying in love, maintaining the connection, commitment and working through conflicts and persevering through the trials and tribulations is sometimes the most challenging thing you can experience in life. Do you feel like screaming, as though you cannot get through to him or her and end up in circular arguments,  you lost that spark , or does the distance between you keep growing more?

We specialize in pre-marital and marital/couples counseling. Our focus is to help you resolve your issues, build communication skills, conflict resolution skills, educate you on relationship and love theories to help bring your love back to you. Our counseling approach combines the world renowned research based Gottman Method to assist our clients reconnect and deepen their love along with the Enrich & Prepare program.


Pre Marital Counseling

Many couples who are preparing to get married spend more time planning the wedding then assessing issues the underlying issues that may exist between one another or asking the questions that are truly important. Hey I love cake tasting too (yummmm)... but why not spend some time truly getting to know those things about your partner's belief system, personality and concerns that may become stress after marriage. Pre-marital is an invaluable tool to prepare you for the next phase in your life.  


The practice is registered with Texas's state's healthy marriage program: Twogether in Texas. Engaged couples who attend a minimum of 8 hours of pre-marital counseling or attend Couples Retreat are able to waive $60 on their marriage license and have the 72 hour wait period waived.

Give Sarah a call today at 281 240 7102 or set up a session online and enroll in our couples workshop or retreat

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