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Healthy Cooking Classes & Tutorials

The first thing most people do when they want to make a change in their health is changing their diet. We go to the store and grab veggies and make salads. Three weeks later often, c boredom sets in, along with the craving for things with more richness, flavor and that feeling of satisfaction generally thought to be only found in food items that are bad for you. 

The Transformation Studio is here to change your mind and burst open the door for creative, healthy cooking with flavor that explodes in your mouth while also being rich in vitamins, enzymes, essential oils and good fats. 

We will host creative cooking classes, be hosting cooking tutorials & post signature The Transformation Studio recipes for our drinks, appetizers, entrees and of course: dessert which we serve at our workshops, in our homes & at special events.

These creations are fusions of world cuisine and feature fresh, organic, raw, natural and vegetarian/vegan recipes. Sign up for our monthly class OR schedule a private session!


GROUP SESSION: $50 per person, 2 hours, check our public schedule your own at any time and also  a minimum of 4 are required for session


- students learn how to create a three course meal & enjoy a meal together

- learn about the healing powers of all the ingredients 


Fusion Indian Cuisine

Fusion Indian Vegetarian/Vegan Cuisine

- explore the exotic world of South Asian Cuisine

- we show you how to create absolutely delicious dishes that are healthy, fresh & simple

- sit back and enjoy 

1 appetizer

2 entree

3 dessert

4 fresh healthy juice 

                      We are moving and

                      expanding. Our 

                      cooking classes will be                        in our new home

                      fall 2020

                                  Register: complete form & pay via

                                  Paypal or Venmo at


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