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 We recently renovated and moved into 3023 which is a flex house. Do read more about the property concept by clicking on the logo. Please pardon us as we are still completing landscaping/completing final details. This is Phase 1 of the project. Phase 2: 3027 renovations start soon and our 2nd office suite will be there 


*No signage is allowed by the City of Stafford on the 3023 side of the property, meanwhile please look for a large tree, a white picket fence and the house number and refer to images below

*the garage was repurposed into office 1 (Sarah Ali's primary office), please park in driveway or along the feeder, walk towards the right through the arbor and the fabric draping into the side tiled walkway and enter through the light aqua door and ring the doorbell, I usually have the door open for clients and take a seat in the waiting room if I am in a session

*City of Stafford is very particular about speeding and is very quick to give tickets, as the police office is two blocks away so please stay at the speed limit


From Hwy 59 N or 59 S: 

-Exit 90, turn left coming from 59N

-Exit 90, turn right coming from 59S

- Turn left at Ave E

- short cut by turning left at Ralston Liquor to turn into feeder 

- 2nd house on the feeder of North Main

From Murphy Road:

-Turn right on Ave E

- short cut by turning left into Ralston Liquor which turns into feeder

- 2nd house on the feeder of North Main 

The Transformation Studio @Bungalows at Stafford 3023 & 3027 North Main, Stafford, TX 77477 on feeder between Ave E & Ave D

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