The Transformation Studio

                      3023 North Main

                      Stafford, TX 77477

                      on feeder between Ave E & Ave D

* no signage is allowed by city of Stafford on this side so look for a large tree, a white picket fence and the house number

*the garage was repurposed into our office, please park in driveway or along the feeder, walk towards the garage through the side walkway and enter through the light aqua door and knock (ring doorbell)

* This is Phase1 of a larger concept (The Bungalows at Stafford click here to read more): the property will be called Bungalows at Stafford and sign will be made when approved on other side of land

- 3023 as a flex space residential space that will be used for multiple purposes



From Hwy 59 N or 59 S: 

-Exit 90, turn left coming from 59N

-Exit 90, turn right coming from 59S

- Turn left at Ave E

- short cut by turning left at Ralston Liquor to turn into feeder 

- 2nd house on the feeder of North Main

From Murphy Road:

-Turn right on Ave E

- short cut by turning left into Ralston Liquor which turns into feeder

- 2nd house on the feeder of North Main