The Transformation Studio

3023 North Main

Stafford, TX 77477

between Ave E & Ave D

* no signage is allowed by city of Stafford on this side so look for a large tree, a white picket fence and the house number

*the garage was repurposed into our office, please walk through the side walkway and enter through the light aqua door and knock (doorbell being installed this week)

* Its Phase1 of a larger concept: Bungalows at Stafford: 3023 & 3027 North Main, a .55 acre property which will include 2 cottages,

- 3023 as a flex space residential space that will be used for multiple purposes launching now a

- 3027 retail space launching in 2022, website for property with more info coming soon 



From Hwy 59 N or 59 S: 

-Exit 90, turn left coming from 59N

-Exit 90, turn right coming from 59S

- Turn left at Ave E

- short cut by turning left at Ralston Liquor to turn into


- 2nd house on the feeder of North Main

From Murphy Road:

-Turn right on Ave E

- short cut by turning left into Ralston Liquor which turns into


- 2nd house on the feeder of North Main