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dance fitness

We're delighted to bring back our dance fitness classes. In our first location we offered the classes and were pleased to win Citysearch Fitness Studio Award based on popular vote 2x in a row! In house 1: 3023, classes will be outdoors when the weather permits.


Class size:

To keep adequate distance max indoors will be 6 students and outdoors 12 students

Bollywood-Bhangra Dance Fitness

- (Bollywood is a mix of many forms of dance from the Indian culture, Bhangra is a high energy dance

from the region of Punjab)

$10 drop ins. 

Bellydance Fitness

$10 drop ins.

SCHEDULE: one Sunday a month (based on student growth)

Bollwyood Bhangra Sunday 11am 

Bellydance Sunday 12pm

More formats will be added as we get back into the dance fitness groove

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